What’s the Best 2 Person Rooftop Tent?

What’s the Best 2 Person Rooftop Tent?

The first time we used a rooftop tent, we found out first firsthand just how much they improve your camping experience. In fact, we were so inspired, we built our own. 

Rooftop tents (RTT’s) are crazy fast, easy to set up, and give you and your partner more time to explore trails or sit back and relax. And after a long day of doing what you love out in nature, a rooftop tent offers world-class comfort so you can both get the rest you need to be recharged for your next adventure.  
Discover how a 2-person RTT can elevate your outdoor experience this year, and how we created the Geo 2.5 to change the way you camp forever. 

Super Easy Set-Up and Break Down 


Set-up is where hard shell RTT’s really shine. 


Gone are the days of fumbling with tarps, ties, and stakes, and trying to find level ground for your tent. Camping in a hard shell rooftop tent means setting up camp is as easy as opening a latch. Gas struts lift the tent up and lock the frame securely in place. 

And when you’re ready to head out, we wanted the Intrepid Geo 2.5 to be just as easy to break down as it is to set up.  
We placed battens placed at key points in the fabric, so the tent closes as seamlessly as it opens. No more crushing your fingers trying to shove loose fabric around the edges.  

Stretch Out and Relax 

While they don’t take up much space on top of your car, hard shell RTTs provide a ton of space for you and your camping partner to climb in and stretch out.  
Most rooftop tents come in two distinct styles—clamshell and pop-up. The clamshell design is well-loved for a reason. It’s low profile, easy to set up, and provides you with more headroom than its pop-up cousin. The biggest downside is that the space in the corner of the clamshell is completely wasted. There’s not much room to put your feet down there, let alone store anything of use. 
 The Intrepid Geo 2.5's design solves this problem with its hinged roof. Our waterproof hinged roof not only gives the Geo it’s unique shape, but eliminates wasted space, while keeping all the best features of the clamshell style tent.  
A close-up of Intrepid's Geo 2.5 rooftop tent on top of a vehicle near the ocean. The tent is a clamshell style tent modified with a hinged roof to increase space inside the tent.
This 2 person RTT is roomy enough for you both to spread out and relax after a long day of hiking or mountain biking. Plenty of room to play a round of cards or enjoy a cup of coffee with a bird’s eye view. 

Sleep Better 

Nothing’s worse than rolling up to your campsite to discover the ground is a nightmare for tents. Rocky, bumpy, uneven slopes make for a brutal night’s sleep. And while inflatable sleeping pads can help, even the best don’t cut it when it comes to sleeping on uneven ground. 
Sleeping off the ground completely changes the game when it comes to getting in your Z’s. The Intrepid Geo 2.5 features a honeycomb aluminum base and is equipped with a 40mm high-density foam mattress, adding extra comfort and warmth as you drift off to sleep under the stars.   
Thanks to the durable and water-resistant fabric, you can enjoy quality, uninterrupted sleep all night long. Whether you’re escaping an afternoon rainstorm or a torrential downpour at night, you’ll stay warm and dry no matter what the weather throws at you. 

 Enjoy the View from Above 

You really can’t compare the views from a RTT to those from a ground tent or even a camper van. You’re literally heads above them both! 
With its large door and windows, you get spectacular views in the Geo 2.5 (not to mention excellent airflow). Sleeping so high off the ground can also be incredibly comforting to any reluctant campers on your trip. In a RTT, you’re safely tucked away from any curious creatures that may explore your campsite at night.  
Whether you’re taking a siesta after a long hike or stargazing before falling asleep, enjoy the bird’s eye view of nature from your 2-person RTT. 

Bonus: Never Leave Your Pup Behind! 

Spending time together in nature is a great way to disconnect from your daily stresses and connect with your camping partner. The same can be said of your canine companion. 
 Even with two sleepers in our hard shell RTT, there’s still plenty of space for your pup to come along. So you never have to sacrifice bringing along your real favorite camping partner again. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell). 

Be the First to Know When the Geo 2.5 Drops. 

 No matter your destination, you need a rooftop tent that’s rugged, comfortable, and ready for any weather (and any terrain).  
Intrepid’s mission is to reimagine the rooftop tent camping experience with premium camping products that are uniquely engineered for easy use and durability. 
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