We’re obsessed with the feeling of freedom that comes from hitting the road and not knowing where we’ll kick up our feet at night.

Rooftop tent camping with Intrepid reimagines that feeling. 


You don’t have to make reservations months in advance or hike (or drive) for miles to find a peaceful campsite where you can unplug from your daily life and plug into nature. 


We make technically advanced rooftop tents to empower you to camp wherever you can park — whether it’s a remote forest road in a National Park or a high-alpine spot with unforgettable views.

So you can get off the grid and enjoy superior comfort, more space, and streamlined setup and breakdown.


Leave sleeping on the cold, hard, uneven ground to campers of generations past. The future of camping with a rooftop tent means getting the quality shut-eye you need to wake up refreshed and crush tomorrow’s adventure — whatever that may be.

It All Started with a Roadtrip

Early September, 2020, three friends were trying to squeeze in one last camping trip of the summer. They all worked in the outdoor industry — one production expert, one engineer, and one entrepreneur — and had a zeal for testing out the latest and greatest in outdoor gear.

The future founders of Intrepid wanted to understand what made hard shell rooftop tents so popular, and if they were really worth the hype. They decided to find out firsthand via an epic camping adventure from Colorado to the West Coast.

The Takeaway

The trip made it clear that rooftop tent camping is worlds beyond traditional tent camping. Sleeping off the ground provided warmth, comfort, and a restful night’s sleep unheard of in a ground tent.

But it was also clear the product could use improvement. Everyone can relate to the feeling of finding a really cool outdoor product and saying to yourself, “Wow, this is awesome — but wouldn’t it be cool if it was a different color/shape/had this feature?” 

We had that feeling — but were lucky enough to have the expertise and resources to act on it. 

After the trip that started it all, we had no choice but to pool our resources and create the ultimate, next-generation of hard shell rooftop tents and camp gear for everyone who loves the outdoors as much as we do.

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