Geo 2.5 Rooftop Tent

Sleeps: 2.5

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Cross bars and accessories not included

  • 2.5" mattress with condensation reduction mat

  • Honeycomb aluminum hardshell

  • 143lbs (excluding mattress options)

  • Built in skylight
  • Two lockable latches
  • Detachable ladder allows for a customizable entryway from the sides or back of your vehicle
  • High tenacity rip-stop nylon fabric
  • Waterproof and UV protection
  • Closable floor vents that double as port of entry for solar wiring.
  • Inner storage pockets
  • 2.5 inch thick mattress with condensation reduction mat

Geometry in Motion - Our engineers are more than designers, they're rooftop tent users too. The Geo 2.5 was created to solve a few of the biggest problems we faced with our roof tents so that we could adventure better and longer.

Patent Pending

Eliminating Wasted Space

The core of our patented design is the hinged roof, giving us 36% more livable space. Designed with space maximization in mind, the Geo 2.5 opens up living space without sacrificing the protection and durability hard shell roofs provide. No more cramming your feet in the corner of your tent.

60 Second Set Up and Tear Down

There's nothing worse than breaking down camp and crushing your fingers trying to shove loose fabric in around the edges. We placed battens at key points in the fabric that allow the tent to open and close seamlessly, so you can move where you want when you want.

Durable and Light

The 7" shell of the Geo 2.5 is made with a durable honeycomb aluminum which allows us to provide more storage capabilities while remaining lightweight. That means a tent with the strength for onboard storage, and enough room for sleeping bags and pillows inside.

A New Category of RTT

We took everything you love about the ease of the clamshell style rooftop tent and gave it a serious upgrade. Our hinged roof design gives you 36% more space to stretch out than the most popular clamshell style tents on the market— without sacrificing the set up or low profile design.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jay. P
Intrepid GEO 2.5

When I first started looking for a roof top tent I wasn’t sure what to look for. I knew that quality was just as important as design and features but I wasn’t sure how one would take away from another so I set my self on mission to make sure I found the perfect tent that would suit my needs. That was 6 months ago. For 5 months I lived on the internet searching, researching and reviewing just about every top brand out there comparing everything from pricing to design and material. I wanted something that made sense. A tent that had a sleek low profile design and ultra light weight but still have the room to make me feel like it was more than a place to sleep. When I found intrepid immediately I was drawn to the design. It was everything I was looking for but more. The insanely large entry doors were great but to have an amazing view window and skylight was a bonus. That said I felt like it would end there so I continued searching but now comparing the intrepid materials and quality to other top brands. For 5 months I compared and for those 5 I researched and in that time I learned that not only was intrepid in a class of its own but no one in the market was even coming close in that price range for what you were getting. I believe in only buying something one time so when I add it to my cart and press pay now, I have zero regret. I am definitely a very cautious shopper so I had to seal the deal by asking the questions most wouldn’t think to ask so I reached out to Intrepid and got in contact with Sloan. Let me start by saying that customer service is some times more important than what ever your buying and the Geo 2.5 is definitely backed by high standards and customer service. I asked everything from how and where the tent was made to materials, testing and future design ideas. Sloan answered every question as if he knew what I was going to ask without hesitation or doubt. As a shopper and a business man myself there’s no doubt when you here the confidence in someone’s voice. Fast forward to the 6th month and here I am with my Geo 2.5 tent and the very first night I take it out I end up in a storm with tornado like effects…….I can’t make this up. I was sure my tent would fly off the truck but no, it handled it with no problem and in fact it was kinda fun staring out that amazing rear view door and watching it all come down. Money well spent …….. especially when I only spend it once. Go get yours. You won’t regret it.

Kelly Malysiak
Spacious tent exceeds expectations!

The Geo 2.5 is everything we could have hoped for! We have used it a handful of times and the only thing we changed to make it a bit more comfortable was buying a 2” foam topper to add to the mattress. Adding the extra topper still lets us close the tent, but we aren’t able to store the ladder or pillows up there anymore. Otherwise, with just the mattress, we could store 2 pillows, a couple blankets, and the ladder. Regardless, once it’s open it is so spacious! We can easily sit up, watch movies, play games, and change clothes because of the added headspace from the elbow hinge. Having so many options of black-out zippers, a window, or a screen make it comfortable for any weather. It’s easy to air out, gives great ventilation overnight, and has barely affected our vehicle’s mpg. It anything, it dropped by .5 mpg. We also purchased all the accessories and we love the added wall organizer and the net storage, and the shoe rack will be great for camping in muddier places. It’s very well thought-through and built of strong built-to-last materials. Also, it’s pretty dang attractive - we are constantly stopped by people who ask questions or tell us how cool it is. Definitely recommend this tent!

Scott Branson
Awesome Tent

This tent is awesome! It’s a breeze to open and take down, extremely comfortable and roomy. The design is great, way more space than any ground tent we’ve ever had. We’ve been recommending it to everyone we know and meet!

Dustin Sneed
I Love the Geo 2.5!

Ever since I saw Adventure Built's review of the Intrepid Geo 2.5 I knew it was the tent for me. Like others, I spent hours on-line researching different brands but kept coming back to the Geo 2.5 due to its unique features, spacious interior, side-mounting options, and the ability to add cross-mount bars to transport my kayak. I also loved the large doors and clear windows. I can't wait to camp in the rain with the clear windows and skylight!

One thing that I haven't seen mentioned in other reviews of the Geo 2.5 was how impressed I was with how the tent was shipped. I'm sure we've all felt the anxiety of making a substantial purchase on-line and having our product arrive in a tattered box with footprints and forklift gouges all over it. Intrepid didn't just throw the tent in a cardboard box and ship it. The tent is shipped in a cardboard container with added "bumpers" placed around the sides of the container and thick plastic sheets placed all around the tent to prevent damage from shipping and handling. My tent arrived in a semi-beat up container, but the tent was absolutely spotless.

Set-up was easy with two friends helping. I installed my tent on my 5th Gen 4Runner and Sherpa Crestone roofrack using Wheel Every Weekend RTT security mounts. Placement on the rack was a breeze. I just lined up the center bolts of the center hinge on the rear of the tent with the center bolts of the fairing on my rack. Pro tip - I didn't realize it until after the fact, but if you have a sunroof installing the front brackets through the sunroof is much easier than squeezing your hands and tools under some low profile roof racks!

As others have mentioned, customer service has been incredibly helpful and actively looking for customer feedback for possible future improvements.

I've spent a few nights in the tent and love it. Set-up and takedown is so easy and it's incredibly spacious. My wife and I spent a cold night in the Geo 2.5 with everything zipped up and no vents open and we still woke up to a completely dry, condensation free tent. I'm 100% satisfied with this purchase and it will no doubt get myself and my family out camping way more often. Intrepid knocked it out of the park with this tent!

Thoroughly enjoying it!

So far I have spent between one and two weeks time camping in the Geo 2.5. It’s awesome, rain or shine. The workmanship is quality, and as far as space goes for a hardtop it is unrivaled. I’m almost 6’7” and 240lbs and it fits! It’s spacious!
The tent material is very dark so I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn. But, when I want light, I open up the doors, both sides and back, open up the sun roof and enjoy the sunshine. It’s a breeze to pack up and pull it all down. I’m really enjoying it! Also, not that it matters, but it does get a lot of attention from other campers.