Geo 2.5 Rooftop Tent

Geometry in Motion - Our engineers are more than designers, they're rooftop tent users too. The Geo 2.5 was created to solve a few of the biggest problems we faced with our roof tents so that we could adventure better and longer.


Eliminating wasted space. The core of our patent pending design is the hinged roof. Designed with space maximization in mind, the Geo 2.5 opens up living space without sacrificing the protection and durability hard shell roofs provide. No more wasted space or bumping your head in the morning.

Quick and easy setup and break down. There's nothing worse than breaking down camp and crushing your fingers trying to shove loose fabric around the edges. We placed battens at key points in the fabric that allow the tent to open and close seamlessly, so you can move where you want when you want. No more awkwardly shoving in fabric around the edges.

- Built in condensation reduction. One of the biggest problems faced by rooftop tent owners is condensation build up. We know first hand that nothing's worse than water dripping on your face while you sleep. The Geo 2.5 comes equipped with an air mesh layer under it's built in mattress to improve ventilation while keeping your tent insulated and warm. This means a better nights sleep and a longer lasting tent.

Patent Pending


- Waterproof hinge system seals roof off from moisture and provides 36% more space than similar clamshell designs

- Detachable ladder for a customizable entryway from the sides or back of your vehicle

- Surface designed to easily mount solar panels or a roofrack for on board storage

- Polyerthane waterproofing and high tenacity rip-stop fabric

- Clear drop down ipad sleeve and inner storage pockets

- 40mm thick mattress

- Batten reinforced fabric closure system

- U-frame opening for added space maximization

- Honeycomb aluminum base

- Instant Set up. Remove the latch while the tent is closed, and gas struts automatically lift and lock the tent into place.

- Designed and engineered by us, from start to finish.

Technical Specs

Interior Dimension - 87" x 52"

Exterior Dimensions - 90" x 57"

Height when Closed - 7.5''

Height When Open/ Max Headroom - 60''

Weight - 155lbs

A New Category of RTT

We took everything you love about the ease of the clamshell style rooftop tent and gave it a serious upgrade. Our hinged roof design gives you 36% more space to stretch out than the most popular clamshell style tents on the market— without sacrificing the low profile design.