The GEO 2.5 vs Other RTTs

The GEO 2.5 vs Other RTTs


Buying a rooftop tent is no easy decision, and oftentimes, people will go through multiple tents before they may find exactly what they are looking for. If you’re currently on the hunt for a rooftop tent that works for you, you may find yourself asking questions such as:  “Soft or hard shell? Will it fit my car and my garage? How much space do I need? What company should I buy from? Is it worth the price?” etc. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

There are many offerings from companies like Freespirit Recreation, CVT, IKamper, Roofnest and more. Intrepid Camp Gear is a newcomer to the market with its GEO 2.5 tent. In a saturated market with quality options from these companies, what sets the GEO 2.5 apart from the others?

Shell construction and weight 

The GEO 2.5 is constructed with a honeycomb aluminum roof and base and a lightweight aluminum extrusion frame. This offers a robust, yet simple tent compared to soft-shell tents and plastic hard-shell tents that some companies offer. Our aluminum frame comes in at 143 lbs (excluding mattress options) and 155 lbs with our current mattress, where typical hard shell tents offer a 160-180 lb setup. We've created a setup allowing you to keep the durability of a hardshell tent without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle.


More Space

Feeling cramped in your tent? The groundbreaking, patented design of the GEO 2.5’s hinged roof guarantees campers of all sizes can lounge and sleep comfortably. Compared to traditional clam-shell or wedge style tents, it features a whopping 36% more usable space and 4 ft headroom when pitched. We designed our tents to be utilized for more than just sleeping in. 



One of the most difficult parts of camping is getting your tent and sleeping system set up for the night. With the GEO 2.5, we created a tent that is a seamless 30-60 second setup/ teardown time. Even with the tent closed, gear may be stored within the GEO to make your setup even faster. 



Rooftop tents have been a revolution in the car camping industry, but one major drawback has been the added height to vehicles. At a mere 7” height, the GEO 2.5 offers one of the lowest profile rooftop solutions out there. This low-profile not only allows better clearance, but also improved aerodynamics compared to soft-shell models.



There is nothing better than laying at camp and stargazing without any distractions. Luckily, the GEO 2.5 allows campers to do just this, all while in the comfort of their roof top tent. Unlike most hard-shell designs, the GEO 2.5 features a skylight at the rear of the tent. Never miss out on the gorgeous night sky again.



After a day spent exploring the great outdoors, your ultimate priority is finding a comfortable place to rest. Elevate your outdoor adventures with the exceptional GEO 2.5 Rooftop Tent, taking your camping experience to new heights.

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